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1) Can you do a labour only build, where we supply the subcontractors?
We feel we serve our clients best by working on a “full contract” basis. We prefer to use our own subcontractors, most of which have been working with us for nearly 20 years. This means we can rely on their excellent workmanship, reliable service and competitive prices. This allows you to be as involved as you want to be, without the hassle of having to organise your own tradespeople.
You will know exactly what the cost of your build or renovation will be, up front; there will be no surprises or budget blowouts.

2) When do I need to involve my builder?
We would like to be involved at the earliest stages of your build. This way we can provide feedback and tips on your design, using our many years of experience. We’d like to assist you in saving money by advising on your design and preferred materials to achieve the home you want, within your budget.

3) How do I keep my project within budget?
With a full contract, there can be no surprises from your builders. Our quotes are very detailed and it will be clear to you, exactly what your money is being spent on. We will walk you through our quote so you feel completely informed on the costs of your build. Generally we don’t include items like soft furnishings (e.g. Curtains) and gardening etc. But we can take care of these items if required.
The main way to avoid extra costs is to not make too many changes to your original plans. Which makes our above comments very relevant; get us on board at the early planning stage.

4) How do payments work
Your payments will be staggered throughout your build. These are ‘progress payments’ that are made at specific stages of your build. Upon signing your contract, these will be stipulated and explained to you.

5) Can I have some added security that my money will be safe?
Superior construction can offer a “Homefirst Builders Guarantee”. It includes cover for:

For more information on this, please refer to www.certified

6) Do I need to get insurance?
If your home is a new build, Superior Construction will organise your insurance. If your current home is being renovated, you will need to contact your home insurer who will be able to provide an additional cover whilst renovations are being carried out. Superior Construction also has a $2,000,000 Public Liability insurance.

7) How do I find a great architect?
Superior Construction works closely with a select few architects, each with their own area of expertise. We can recommend the best person for the job.

8) How long will it take?
It really depends on the size of the project and the level of difficulty involved. We will go over all the issues thoroughly with you before starting and develop a detailed timeline that suits your individual situation. There may be instances where the timeline could change, but we would certainly discuss this with you.

8) How do I know my builder is qualified?
We have been affiliated with Certified Builders for over 10 years. Certified Builders is an association that requires its builders to have trade qualifications. Meaning every member has completed an apprenticeship, learning the right way from a trade qualified tradesman.
For more information on this, please refer to the Certified Builders website;

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*Always check the LBP Register to ensure that your building practitioner is currently licensed.

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