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Superior Construction's Ethos

Superior Philosophies

1. Our People

  • Our people make our business - we care for our people and want them to be happy and successful in what they do
  • We want to create an environment where you get paid well for great work, you will be challenged (not bored) and it is important to us our team has fun and enjoy their jobs
  • Our people have equal rights and privileges. 
  • No one person gets lumped with the tedious tasks. Leaders lead by example and are willing to do all work if needed.

2. “Our Client is paramount”

  • We appreciate our customers always have a choice
  • Hard work, uncompromising honesty, excellent standard of workmanship and integrity has been the key to our success… we won’t be changing this anytime soon.

3. The future

  • Whilst we‘d prefer all members of our team to be with us long-term, we will always encourage their career objectives
  • We will also endeavor to help our people reach their professional and personal goals
  • We are passionate about what we do and want to help you find that same enthusiasm in your life.

4. Profit

  • The profit we make is a reflection on how we treat our clients and complete our work - a measure to show we are providing something of value
  • We believe in a fair days pay for a fair days work
  • We do not want to do well in life by cheating others; whether it is our clients, our staff or our sub-contractors
  • We bring our honesty and integrity to bear in everything we do.

Superior Code Of Conduct

1. “Our Client is paramount”

  • We will treat our clients with respect at all times. Resrpect to us means:
    − introducing yourself when first meeting our clients; with a handshake
    − saying hello when clients arrive on site in the morning and goodbye when you leave at the end of the day
    − no swearing
    − we take the time to answer questions and provide explanations if clients ask
    − we prefer you not to smoke on site
  • These are the people that pay yours & our wages, we anticipate they will refer us to their friends & family and hence keep us all employed
  • Our business is judged by our standard of work, by the way you are presented and by your dealings with our employers!

2. Time Management

  • We start work at 7.30 and finish at 5, on Fridays finishing at 4pm:
    − To us this means; not turning up at 7.30, it requires you to have your tools unpacked at 7.30 & ready to start
  • Morning & Afternoon tea is 15min and lunch ½ hour. Note we don’t usually take our afternoon tea breaks; but you’re free to make your own decision on this.
  • If you need time off (holidays, other jobs), please give us as much notice as possible.
  • If you’re sick please phone Phil (021 770988) and let him know in person you won’t be in to work. We prefer a phone call to a text where possible.

3. Taking Responsibility

  • We are responsible for our own work.
  • We remind you that the name of our business is: “Superior” Construction, therefore ALL of our work is of a high standard
  • We take pride in the work that we do for our clients; we expect the same from you
  • Please remember this in the work you do, we do not, ever, cut corners.

4. Presentation

  • You’ll be provided with Superior Construction team shirts & caps:
    − When working for us, we expect you to wear them at all times.
    − We have high standards in our workmanship and believe this is reflected in our high standards for your appearance.
  • Presentation also relates to our building sites:
    − There will be no rubbish lying around & what can be tidied away, will be tidied away
    − A tidy side at all times, but especially at the end of the day and end of the week; we’re all responsible for a section/home our clients can be proud of
  • Our clients’ friends, family and neighbors are all potential customers and we believe a tidy site represents a great builder.

5. Safety

  • “The main hazard in your workplace is you”. Safety is paramount, pay attention and be careful!
  • This includes sun safety - we’ll provide you with sun block; please use it
  • We have an excellent track record with safety and intend to keep it that way.

6. Communication

  • We will have a brief, team site meeting every day - this is to ensure you know the tasks required of you for the day and are aware of important details, eg: inspections scheduled etc.
  • It is important to us that you are happy in the work you do for us; you can talk or email Phil and/or Dina at any time (7-days a week) if you have any matters you wish to discuss, contact:

Phil Mob. 021 770 988
Dina Mob. 021 357 888 / Home. 533 3022
Click here to contact us.

7. Profit

  • If we are not making a profit we will not be in business
  • Profit is one of the main measures of our success (that and satisfied clients off course!)
  • It is your responsibility to not waste materials and not waste time
  • Also, what can be recycled will be recycled.

Superior Construction are proud to be associated with:

New Zealand Certified Builders Association NZCB Superior construction licensed building practitioners Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee Insurance
*Always check the LBP Register to ensure that your building practitioner is currently licensed.

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